About the Initiative


Our methodology is not a secret, we publish it because it is time-tested and has helped us establish the longest running benchmarking exercise in the world.

Data Collection and Verification
The sussess of the initiative comes from how we collect and ensure quality data. To ensure that data is collected on a like-for-like basis between utilities, significant effort is placed on the definition of each performance measure and the data items collected.

Data is collected in a yearly iterative cycle by on-site visits and by means of datasheets, not through questionnaires. Any data recorded on the sheets is confirmed through a reference to the utility's financial records, annual report or other written records. This ensures the accuracy of the data. Site visits to each of the participating utilities and a rigorous quality assurance and quality control program, avoids problems posed by inconsistent data, incomplete datasheets or the non-return of datasheets.

An Entirely Data Driven Initiative

  • The collected data is the means for participants to identify opportunities for utility improvement and "Best Practices".
  • The comparable utility data allows the forum of peers from the municipal water sector to take place with the use of a similar language and tools in workshops and Task Forces.

A Peer to Peer Forum
The initiative grows by the gathering of utility managers, operators, financial, lab and GIS personnel through:

  • Focused Task Forces to identify new performance measures and performance improvement strategies.
  • A yearly Summary Workshop to share best practices, lessons learned, and collectively work out issues common to all utilities.


  • A Summary Report which is adapted to the requirements and priorities of the participants.
  • The Summary Workshop’s proceedings.
  • Access to the three National Water and Wastewater Benchmarking Initiative databases (Water, Wastewater and Stormwater).
  • Access to a "Help Desk" from AECOM's project team that provides participants with required information, statistics, tables or graphs and national surveys in a quick and accurate fashion.