About the Initiative


As a member of the Canadian National Water and Wastewater Benchmarking Initiative there are several benefits that the partnership can bring to your utility.

Aside from access to the tools and data that help you become a better utility or maintenance manager there is the network of 55 Canadian city utilities which includes utility managers, operators, financial and GIS personnel who are eager to share their industry experience.

Participation at the annual Summary Workshop Workshop is a great opportunity to build these networks and work together in the roll-up your sleeves sessions designed to address key issues at the forefront of the industry, examples include maintenance productivity, succession planning, and asset management.

The Summary Workshop and Task Forces are valuable, integral components of the project methodology at key milestones for several reasons:

  • They assist collaboration between Canadian water, wastewater and stormwater utilities;
  • They generate open discussion, provide group decision making which leads to consensus on key issues directing the industry; and
  • They assist in identifying potential strategies and actions that can improve performance.

The Task forces facilitated by AECOM staff provide participants with the opportunity to further discuss process benchmarking issues beyond the Summary Workshop. All the data and water. stormwater and wastewater Access Databases containing up to 10 years of information are also available to all participants with a confidentiality agreement on content for reports to council or public documents.

The "Help Desk" feature through AECOM staff helps you ask questions to the group through facilitated survey issuing, or polling the group on similar experience or expertise.

One of the most important steps in closing the loop from benchmarking to performance improvement is analysis and investigation of the results. Through the extensive use of the benchmarking data, AECOM has helped our clients identify performance improvement opportunities, and sometimes have helped them formulate action plans to address these opportunities. For example, wastewater treatment optimization, and maintenance management program optimization. For more examples check out the Consulting link.