The Team

We have members in offices across Canada including Vancouver/Burnaby, Calgary, Toronto/Markham, Kitchener and London. All of our team members bring unique expertise and knowledge to the AECOM team.

Alexander Kolesov is an asset management, energy efficiency and climate change consultant with extensive experience in conducting analysis and applied research. He is responsible for the design and development of the Benchmarking performance reports, graphs and dashboards. This includes the responsibility for managing the benchmarking database and data quality control.


In addition, Alexander specializes in the analysis and modeling of water, sewer, drainage, transportation, transit and other municipal infrastructure capital needs. He has successfully developed criticality assessment models and dynamic asset inventories to simulate asset condition depreciation, anticipate future capital spending patterns and estimate funding gaps. These analytical tools have been used by AECOM’s clients to support decision making as well as to educate the public on the issues of levels of service and insufficient infrastructure funding. Alexander is based in AECOM’s Vancouver office.
David Main

David Main is the Program Director for AECOM's consulting practice in Asset Management, and is the overall Project Manager for the APWA Award-Winning National Water and Wastewater Benchmarking Initiative in Vancouver, BC. With 20 years of business experience, David specializes in assisting both public and private utilities throughout North America improve productivity and performance through better business planning and management processes.


David is a recognized expert in global asset management best practices. He is a member of the InfraGuide Decision Making and Investment Planning Technical Committee as well as a frequent technical contributor to key Infrastructure Management events including APWA, and IWA.

Matthew Simons

Matt is a water/wastewater engineer-in-training working out of AECOM's London office. Matt focuses primarily on design and process evaluation for water and wastewater facilities as well as contract administration duties associated with municipal and industrial projects. Particularly, Matt has experience with contract administration, pump station design, water and wastewater master planning and conducting environment assessments. In addition, Matt is involved with AECOM Canada's National Water and Wastewater Benchmarking Initiative through data collection and QA/QC activities.

Laura Higgins

Laura Higgins is a Water and Wastewater Project Engineer in AECOM’s Calgary, Alberta Office. She has worked on a variety of water and wastewater projects including completion of design, Class Environmental Assessments, and site inspection/contract administration. Laura has been involved in the National Water and Wastewater Benchmarking Initiative for a number of years, assisting with data collection and undertaking quality assurance and quality control reviews for various municipalities in Ontario and Alberta.

Simon Breese

Simon is a Global Technical Practice Leader for Water Treatment for AECOM, based in Kitchener, Ontario. He is a chemical engineer with over 25 years of experience in municipal and industrial water treatment, and is involved in most of AECOM’s larger water treatment projects around the world in some capacity. In his role as Technical Practice Leader, Simon leads the technical collaboration in water treatment issues around the company, fostering technology transfer and best practices in process design.

Brett deWynter

Brett is a Municipal Water Treatment Market Sector Manager for AECOM, and is based in Kelowna. He is a civil engineer with 18 years of experience in managing design teams for various water treatment projects throughout Canada, the United States and overseas. In his role as Market Sector Manager, Brett leads pursuits and oversees project execution for water treatment projects in Western Canada.

Laura Locke

Laura Locke is a process engineer in the AECOM Burnaby office with three years of experience in wastewater transport and treatment systems. She has worked on projects involving feasibility and planning, design, construction, and contract administration. Her past experience includes work in municipal wastewater services, industrial wastewater treatment, and mining. Ms. Locke is currently involved in water and wastewater treatment plant upgrade and expansion projects.

Semyon Chaymann

Semyon Chaymann joined the AECOM team in late 2013 as an infrastructure analyst out of the Burnaby office and has been working closely with the hydraulic modeling and analysis group. Before starting with AECOM, he attained a Master of Science degree in Integrated Water Resources Management from McGill University. He has also worked at GE Water and Process Technologies as a Field Service Representative on a number of commercial and municipal water and wastewater treatment plants.

Cédric Coppens

Cédric Coppens is a hydraulics engineer in the AECOM Montreal office. Cédric has 14 years of design experience on a variety of urban hydraulics, municipal water, municipal wastewater, stormwater management and landfill drainage projects in Canada and overseas. Cédric is currently involved with the Benchmarking team as the data collector and client liaison for the City of Montreal and the City of Ottawa.”

Stephen Baucchus

Stephen Bacchus is an Asset Management Analyst at AECOM Ontario. He has experience in environmental engineering, supply chain and logistics, transit advisory, and infrastructure asset management. Stephen holds an Engineering degree from the University of Guelph and an Energy Innovation and Emerging Technologies Certificate from Stanford University. Stephen brings forth a diverse portfolio of asset management experience, completing project work within both a municipal and consulting environment. His asset management experience includes, but is not limited to: developing and reviewing strategic asset management plans, asset renewal decision modelling, asset-level risk management planning, condition and capacity assessments, lifecycle costing, demand forecasting, service planning, and benefit-cost analyses. As part of the NWWBI initiative, Stephen is responsible for municipal data collectio

Neil Awde

Neil Awde is AECOM’s wastewater technical practice lead for the Ontario district and resides in AECOM’s London, Ontario Office. As a water/wastewater engineer and project manager, Neil has over 13 years of treatment plant and pumping station Class EA, design and contract administration experience. Complimenting his technical background, Neil has also completed numerous water and wastewater master plans, development charges studies, financial studies, facility condition assessments and asset management plans for the purposes of capital planning and financial reporting. Neil has been involved with the National Water and Wastewater Benchmarking Initiative since 2005 and has primarily provided data collection and analysis activities for the cities of Thunder Bay, Brantford and London, as well as the Windsor Utilities Commission.

Leah Daniel

Leah Daniel is a water/wastewater engineer in the AECOM Winnipeg office. She has worked on a variety of water and wastewater projects including design, construction, and contract administration. Leah joined the benchmarking team in 2014 and currently assists with data collection and analysis activities for the cities of Winnipeg, Brandon, and Thunder Bay.

Michael Srbljanin

Michael Srbljanin is a Civil Technologist in AECOM’s Hamilton, Ontario Office. He specializes in Sewer Condition Assessment within AECOM's Water Business Line and is NASSCO PACP and MACP certified. Michael has experience in asset management, specifically sanitary and wastewater sewer assessment and rehabilitation, along with database management for municipalities. As a part of the NWWBI Initiative, he is responsible for municipal data collection and analysis. Michael is working towards his Certified Engineering Technologist certification through OACETT.

Alice Chow

Alice Chow is a hydraulic engineer in the AECOM Markham office. She has experience working on projects such as risk and criticality assessment, hydraulic modeling, wastewater flow monitoring and municipal infrastructure design. She is involved with the Benchmarking team as a data collector and client liaison for several Ontario municipalities.