Glenmore Water Treatment Plant
The Filter Gallery at the City of Calgary Glenmore Water Treatment Plant, built in 1934.

Project Spotlight

This project was developed in response to a need for Canadian municipal water and wastewater utilities to measure, track and report on their utility performance. While fundamentally a high level metric benchmarking process, it has developed into a network and information base for Canada's most progressive municipal utilities. This website presents information about the project and it is the focal point of project related communication for member municipalities (Member's Only section).

In the context of our Initiative, Benchmarking is the ongoing process of comparing products, services and practices with those of similar organizations. The ultimate goal is always to improve quality and performance.

The Canadian National Water & Wastewater Benchmarking Initiative was started in 1998 and has since grown to 55 member municipalities participating in stormwater, water and wastewater benchmarking.

For more information:

To assist researchers and others who are interested, the partnership has made available some of the blinded data in our min/max/avg graph format for stormwater, wastewater and water, all accessible in the Public Report.



16 Jun

Final Results for Calendar Year 2015

are now available for downlaod in the member's area.

10 May

Stormwater Taskfore Meeting

has been scheduled for October 19-20 in Richmond Hill.

24 Apr

NWWBI Compressed Cycle

has begun. The deadline to complete the first draft of 2016 data collection is June 30th.

27 Jan

Data Collection Sheets for 2016

are now available for downloading.